What We Do…

Intradel provides a myriad of services to investors, for profit and non-profit partners engaging in the acquisition, rehabilitation and development of multifamily communities. Since our founding, we have been involved in a diverse range of apartment, loft and mixed-use housing communities in select markets throughout the Southeastern United States.

White Rock Apartments

Building on a solid foundation.

— Founded in 1993 —

Integrated Services

Integrated Services…

Committed to achieving excellence with every project we undertake, Intradel provides a blend of development services designed to minimize risk and streamline the development process. Offering a full range of services from concept to completion, we continuously fine-tuned our approach to the key development components.

Delivering value to communities.

— Social Impact —

Strategic Partnering…

Collaborating with project stakeholders, designers and community leaders, we work hard to maximize resources and maintain long-term relationships with strategic partnering. Through putting the right team together for each project, we strengthen communities, improve living experiences and create unique environments.

Remington Apartments