Solid Foundation of Trust…

Intradel provides a myriad of services to investors, for profit and non-profit partners engaging in the acquisition, rehabilitation and development of multifamily communities. We maximize value by exceeding the expectations of our customers, and building trust with our stakeholders. Our objective is to deliver unparalleled services, inspired by our passion for creativity, quality and value creation. Since our founding in 1993, we have been involved in a diverse range of apartment, loft and mixed-use housing communities in select markets throughout the Southeastern United States.

Dedicated to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly communities that enact positive change, our projects include the latest innovations in the conservation of natural resources through incorporating green practices. From initial design to completed construction, we focus on the intelligent use of materials, which are renewable and recyclable. Our approach is to bring long-term value to each community and ensure lasting social and economic success.

Since our inception, we have worked closely with stakeholders at every level to create projects of the highest quality, value and aesthetic relevance for the entire external community. Intradel believes in developing communities that blend with the existing social and architectural climate, therefore setting high standards for future area development.

Today's real estate industry demands tough decisions based on sound advice and solid financial direction, which make development dollars work harder. Intradel's blend of services assures a total product from concept to completion.